Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions




The Ideal Partner (IP) is a data controller pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and the Personal Data Protection Act.

Upon processing of personal data, IP abides by the principles established in the General Regulation with regard to data protection: lawfulness, good faith and transparency; restriction of purposes; reducing the data to minimum; accuracy; restriction of storage; integrity, confidentiality and accountability.

With the access to (upload of) the Internet page (Website) of The Ideal Partner (www……), you (the visitor, user) agree to be bound by the present General terms and conditions and all amendments thereto, and undertake to comply with them.

In case you disagree with all General terms and conditions stated herein below, please do not use this website. Since your first visit to the website of IP, it shall be assumed that the visitor accepts and agrees to comply with these General terms and conditions.

The present General terms and conditions shall only have a binding effect with regard to the relationship between you, as User of the services listed on the website, and IP.

You shall have the right to use the services of the website only for personal, non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise provided in an explicit agreement.




IP shall not be liable in case of use of the resources of the website by the visitors for purposes other than those described in the present General terms and conditions.

IP is trying to provide to the users correct and precise information but shall not be liable for any damages or losses (direct and/or indirect), incurred as a result of use of this Internet page and the information resources contained therein.

IP shall not be liable for actions of its users, which deviate from the purposes of the website and violate the ethics in the Internet space, the good manners or the effective legislation. The liability in such cases shall be exclusively of the User who has performed such actions.


IP shall not be liable for damages caused through the services provided or because of the activities or omissions of the website users towards third parties.

IP shall not be liable for the content of pages to which it provides links or to which users have published links.

IP shall not be liable and does not guarantee trustworthiness, comprehensiveness and exhaustiveness of information and/or documents published by the users.

IP shall not be liable in cases where contents published by a user (news, information resource, etc.), turn to be subject of third party’s copyright. In such cases, after due notification, IP shall remove the content and undertake actions against the relevant User.




You have the right to access the Website (e.g. for a review) without providing your personal data or registration. The access to the services on the Website requires provision of certain minimum of personal data necessary for the use of the services.

The Users’ identification data are collecting by filling in an on-line registration form, a necessary precondition for the creation of a profile on the Website. These activities are carried out in compliance with the applicable legal requirements in terms of security.

With the creation of a user profile, you confirm that your age is above 18 and guarantee that the personal data provided by you, are correct.

IP shall not be liable in case the user discloses to third parties the user name and password, or his/her or third party’s identity, hidden under the identification number.

The user shall be liable for any of his/her activities ensuing from the registration.

In case the user has substantial reasons to believe that his/her registration is being used, the latter shall be entitled to change his/her user name and password in the manner stipulated on the website.

In case of provision of untrue information, IP shall have the right to terminate the service rendered to the Client, without any material liabilities for IP.


IP processes personal data for the achievement of the following purposes, also reflecting the grounds for their processing:

provision for use of the services offered on the website;

adjustment of the rendered services with a view to the users’ interests;

invitation for participation of the users in events organized by the Owner;

statistical purposes;

exercising the rights within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 before IP in the capacity of personal data controller;

achievement of other objectives not prohibited by law.

The list of objectives is not exhaustive.

By each click on a link from the homepage of the website - https://www.matchmaking.bg/, with exception of that containing the present General terms and conditions, the user makes an electronic declaration of will within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, stating that:

he/she wishes to use the services and resources of the website https://www.matchmaking.bg/;

he/she is familiar with the present General terms and conditions and undertakes to abide by them until leaving the website.

Within the present General terms and conditions, the terms listed below, shall have the following meaning:

“Agency” or “IP” is the dating agency “The Ideal Partner” and the rights and obligations connected with and related to its activity shall be exercised and assumed by (Matrimonial agency “The Ideal Partner” LTD)

"Website" is the entire information, all copyright images, design, texts and other materials and resources, located at https:// www.matchmaking.bg/ or any of its sub-domains.

"Link" (reference)" means an object designated in a certain Internet page, enabling reference to another Internet page or object.

"User" or “Client” is any natural person, using any of the services provided on the website by accepting the present General terms and conditions.

The user warrants and represents that:

He/she agrees his/her personal data to be used by IP in compliance with the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation;

He/she is a full-aged citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria;

He/she is single and does not live together with a partner or is under an efficient process of divorce;

Upon his/her registration with the website, has provided correct personal data;

He/she has not been convicted with an effective sentence for criminal deeds;

He/she does not have and is not aware of any medical or physiological obstacles for entry into common partnership.

He/she shall notify the Organizer in due time in case of change in any of the above declared circumstances.

  1. “Individual consultation” is a service which constitutes a personal meeting with a specialist for the purpose of discussion or training, depending on the client’s needs and preferences

“Membership packages” is a service requiring registration paid in advance and containing different options

"Services" of the website include but are not limited to:

access to the information resources/data provided on the website through a web browser;

access to information resources/data provided on the website by other means;

receiving e-mail – newsletters by the website users;

receiving data by the website users by other means.

"IP address" is a unique identification number, associating User’s computer, Internet page or resource in a manner enabling their localization in the global Internet network.

"Force majeure/accidental event” is а circumstance of extraordinary nature unforeseen as of the time of issuing of the General terms and conditions, which renders the provision of the services objectively impossible. 

"Malicious attacks from third parties” - an act or omission of third parties, which contradicts the rules of Internet ethics, including but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service), sending of undesired mail, flooding the channels, obtaining access to resources with third parties’ rights and passwords, taking advantage of disorders in the systems for the purpose of personal gain or obtaining information, performing acts which could not be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destruction of systems or information massifs, sending “Trojan horses” or causing installation of viruses or remote control systems, obstructing the normal workflow of the other users of the Internet, etc.



IP processes personal data which could be obtained directly from the data subject.

IP may process different types of data, depending on the purpose of processing, such as:

identifiable data (e.g. name, surname, age, sex, etc.);

contact data in order to establish contacts with the data subjects (e.g. telephone number, e-mail, postal address);

data on the health condition and/or social status;

other personal data in the cases stipulated by the law;

IP shall be entitled to collect and process information about its Users. The information may contain names, mobile phone numbers, home address, e-mail address, IP address from which the contact is established, etc. The User provides the information voluntarily when using and/or publishing resources. IP shall take due care of the data (other than personal), which have been provided by the users or have otherwise become known  to it, in order to protect them from third parties, except in cases of force majeure or malicious actions of third parties. The procedure is in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 /GDPR/.

IP may store cookies on the computer of the User visiting the website. The “cookie” is a small text file stored on the User’s computer for identification of his/her browser during interaction with the IP website. Cookies may be used for storage of elements such as user preferences, computer specifications (monitor resolution), etc. Each website may send cookies to the browser, if the browser settings allow so.

IP uses cookies for storage of the user preferences and a summarized analysis of the visits and just “remembers” your computer and not any type of personal information about you.

IP processes the personal data it collects, for the following purposes:

To analyze the use of the Website;

To respond to inquiries or other correspondence;

To provide services required by the user and/or use membership packages;

To investigate any complaints connected with the Website;

To administer the Website and render services to its clients.




The Internet page contains texts, images, databases, charts, illustrations, logos, photos, trademarks and other information related to IP.




All rights reserved. All intellectual property rights over the information resources (including but not limited to texts, images, databases, charts, illustrations, logos, photos), materials and applications, published on the website, belong to IP and/or the relevant right holders, if others are indicated. The information resources are subject of protection under the effective Copyright and Related Rights Act. Their unregulated use is a violation of the law and involves civil, administrative and criminal liability, in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation in force.

You may freely publish links to the website, indicating the source and author of the relevant material.

The use of any of the provided resources or services without the explicit written consent of IP is prohibited.

An exception is only made to statistical data, the use of which is permitted, provided that IP is explicitly stated as their source.

Where the website contains resources the copyright of which belongs to third parties, this is explicitly stated, with publication of the author’s name and a link to the source.





IP shall be entitled to place on each of the pages of the website www.matchmaking.bg banners, electronic references or other forms of commercials of goods and/or services provided by IP or third parties, as well as electronic references and banners, referring to websites falling outside the control of IP. IP shall not be liable for the content, trustworthiness and lawfulness of such Internet pages or resources and for services or resources which have become known to the USER while using the services on the website www.matchmaking.bg.

IP undertakes to perform all services paid by the client, in their maximum scope, and with highest quality.

IP shall be entitled to edit any published content if it does not meet any of the conditions stated in this document, the Internet ethics, the good manners or the legislation in force.

IP shall have the right to edit texts provided by the users without changing their meaning, aiming to achieve better perception and understanding of the text by the other visitors of the website.

IP shall be entitled to remove published information at the alert of a supervisory or judicial body, as well as in cases where there are reasonable suspicions of violation of the copyright on certain content published by a User of the services.

IP undertakes, to the best of its abilities, to ensure normal access for use of the services provided on the website, to registered users as well as to other visitors of the Internet page.

IP undertakes to store the information provided by the users in a manner, not allowing for its acquisition by third parties except in cases where the purpose of the provided information is its dissemination.

IP shall be entitled to expand, restrict and change the scope of Services, as well as to change the technology and design of the provided Services.

IP shall have the right to suspend or permanently terminate particular Services accessible through the Website www.matchmaking.bg by informing the User thereof in his/her User profile or through a message on the relevant Internet page.

IP shall have the right to send business messages to its Users, for the purpose of providing information about its owner, other business companies’ goods and/or services, to make questionnaires or inquiries on different issues, etc.




Each User shall be entitled to free access to the website resources, except in cases where certain information and/or information resource is disseminated by virtue of a paid service agreement.

Each User shall be entitled to registration with one Username and password with the website of IP.

Each User shall be entitled to access with his/her username and password to the resources provided by the website against registration.

Each User shall have the right of protection of the data, information and all resources available on the website.

Each User shall be obliged to abide by the General terms and conditions, the ethics in the Internet space, the good manners and the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria as regards to the use of the services provided by IP and its resources.

When it refers to access to paid services or services with restricted access, each User shall be obliged to protect his/her user data from other persons for the purpose of prevention of unauthorized access of third parties to the information resources on the website.

Each User, before publishing texts or other resources on the website, should be convinced of their trustworthiness and completeness.


Matchmaking process

The user shall have the right to expect efforts made in good faith by IP for finding of partners.

The user agrees that IP cannot be held liable for the development of relationships with other clients.

The user shall only pay for the work performed by IP – questionnaire, interview with a psychologist, coaching, feedback interview, additional coachings and/or consultations at the User’s will, and there shall not be any additional hidden fees or payables apart from those listed on the website of IP.

All stages and procedures shall be strictly complied with, in accordance with their description on the website of IP.

All participating psychologists and matchmakers are diplomaed and qualified, in accordance with the applicable legislation.



General principles of IP for personal data protection

IP shall keep confidential the data provided by the users of our Website. We insist on protection of the information related to identifiable persons (“personal data”), provided to us in connection with the Website. IP shall always control and be responsible in the use of your data.

Our Website may include links to other websites which are beyond our control. IP shall not be liable for the policies and practices of other websites in terms of personal data protection.

IP may use the collected information for administration purposes and improvement of the website, analysis of tendencies and gathering general demographic information.

Some pages on our Website and e-mails sent by us may contain electronic images, known as web beacons (sometimes called “transparent GIF files”), which enable us to count the number of people who have visited these pages or read our e-mails. Web beacons collect only limited amount of information, including biscuit number, time and date of visit, description of the page where the beacon is located. They do not transfer personal data and are only used to track the efficiency of a particular campaign.

We store the whole information we have gathered about you, until you request us to change or delete your personal data, or as long as permissible by the effective legislation.

You can review, revise, correct, update or change your personal data at any time by contacting us at e-mail: …………………. Your rights for such access or for a change in your data may be limited by the legislation in force.

If upon registration with the Website you have chosen to receive newsletter, commercial e-mails or other materials from IP, our branches or third parties, but later you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent by contacting us at the following e-mail: office@matchmaking.bg

IP adopts measures for protection of your personal data against accidental loss or unregulated access, use, change or disclosure. Moreover, we take additional measures for information security, including access control, strict physical protection and reliable practices for collection, storage and processing of information. Internet, however, is an open system and IP cannot guarantee that these measures could not be overcome or that your personal data could not be unlawfully used by unauthorized third parties.



Amendment of the General terms and conditions

The General terms and conditions are always accessible at www.matchmaking.bg, and IP shall be entitled to amend and supplement them at any time. Upon amendment of the General terms and conditions the latter shall be published on the website and you should consider yourselves informed about the changes with your next visit to the Internet site.



Dispute resolution

All disputes between the parties to the present General terms and conditions shall be resolved through immediate negotiations between them. In case of inability to reach an agreement, each party may request the cooperation of the competent judicial bodies.




For the implementation and interpretation of the present General terms and conditions, as well as for any other issues not settled in the present General terms and conditions, the Bulgarian legislation shall apply. 

The present General terms and conditions were adopted and became effective as of 15 May 2018.